I loved being pregnant with my first baby, and even though I agree they are kind of cheesy, knew I wanted to do a maternity shoot. Before I was expecting I really didn’t get it – why would you want to prance around on the beach or in a field when you feel as big as a house?? But once I had my little one on the way, I got the itch to want to capture this incredible experience. Also, it was really good motivation to pull myself together – hair done, new outfit, nails done, etc. 😉

As I’m starting to think about what I want to do for a maternity shoot with my second (I wouldn’t want her to feel left out!), I thought I would share some of my favorite shots from our first shoot! My husband is not so enthusiastic about having his photo taken (is anyone’s hubby though?!), but luckily our very good friend Mike Arick is a photographer, and he always makes everyone feel at ease. We headed down to one of his favorite (secret) spots at Laguna and spent a surprisingly fun afternoon in the sand.

CREDITS: My dress was from Sabo Skirt back in 2015, but here is a gorgeous similar version!

If you’re looking for an amazing photographer, and/or maternity shoot inspo, head over to Mike’s site HERE.