“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Dr. Seuss

Let me tell you something about trying to wrangle a two year old for a photo shoot – it is NOT for the faint of heart! Our photographer, Jason, and I were all exhausted after this 45 minute “mini” session. My top piece of advice if you’re planning a shoot with little ones – bring a cute toy that you don’t mind shows up in photos, and GO WITH THE FLOW. The only way we could get James to play along with us was by basically just playing with cars the whole time, which was fine with me. He loves cars SO much, I think it’s only fitting they made their way into our little photo session! Also a funny trick – sometimes the shots where they’re screaming in protest end up looking like they are laughing. One of the photos below James was freaking out, but it just looks like he is cracking up! See if you can guess which one.

We wanted to capture a few fun shots while it is still just the three of us, and I just adore how these came out. Big thanks to our photographer and toddler wrangler, K. Dot Photography.   

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