Wine + succulents? I’M IN. My mother is super crafty, and whipped up these adorable little guys for a local arts fair in Sunset Beach. They always sell out quickly, but you are in luck because I’ve got the exact details on how to make your own!

Read on for the instructions, and THANK YOU mama Shelley for sharing! These make super cute hostess gifts, birthday presents, party favors, shower gifts – the list goes on.pssst. If you’re not the DIY type, you can order pre-made versions on my mom’s Etsy store here. 🙂Materials:
-Spanish Moss
-Hot Glue Gun
-Small screwdriver

STEP 1 – Select your cork!

STEP 2 – File about an inch long portion on one side of the corkSTEP 3 – Affix the magnet to the filed portion with hot glueSTEP 4 – Carefully drill a small hole about 1/3 into the corkSTEP 5 – Insert a small screwdriver into the drilled hole & move in a circular motion to create a larger spaceSTEP 6 – Insert Spanish Moss into hole using screwdriverSTEP 7 – Place succulent into holeSTEP 8 – Use screwdriver to insert any remaining Spanish Moss, or you can trim