It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I am a BIG fan of fall – especially after suffering through an extremely hot summer, pregnant, chasing around a toddler. I’ve been thinking up ideas for fall DIYs to share, and this one I created with my mom has always been a hit! You can use these pumpkin succulent planters as the perfect centerpieces for your fall soirees, they’re a fun way to dress up your desk at work, or are perfect to get in the spirit around the house. Read on for the easy DIY!

STEP ONE: Select your pumpkin(s)! This DIY works with both large, and teeny tiny, so we like to mix it up with both sizes for a fun table setting.

STEP TWO: Carefully cut the top off of your pumpkin.

STEP THREE: Scoop out all the pumpkin insides / seeds.

STEP FOUR: This is the trick to making them last longer! Place a ziplock baggie inside the cleaned out pumpkin, and cut the top off to match the top of the pumpkin walls.

STEP FIVE: Add a bit of dirt inside the ziplock baggie – this is going to be what holds your succulent into place.

STEP SIX: Arrange your succulent pieces inside the pumpkin / dirt! This is the fun part. You can find succulents at a lot of stores now, but we like to get ours at a local farmers market.

STEP SEVEN: We like to wrap a bit of Spanish Moss around the base of our succulents for a fun finishing flair. 

THAT’S IT! One note – once you’ve carved a pumpkin, no matter what they have a short shelf life. These should last you about a week, so plan accordingly 🙂

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