I’ve been looking for fun decor ideas to spruce up James’ playroom, and fell in LOVE with this sprinkle wall I came across on Pinterest! I started looking for the wall decals to buy to recreate the look, when I saw another mom’s pin about how she had just used washi tape to create hers. I’m a huge fan of using washi tape to hang prints in kids rooms, so this solution was even better (not to mention cheaper). I thought this would be a fun project to have James “help” me with, and not only did it give us something fun to do for an entire morning, but he is now officially obsessed with tape (not sure if this is good or bad).

Read on for how exactly we did it (spoiler: it’s super easy)!

MATERIALS: Just washi tape & scissors! I bought my washi tape from Amazon here – this particular tape is a bit narrow and the colors are more muted, so take a look around and decide the aesthetic you’re going for; ie. chunkier sprinkles, a specific color palette, etc. There are a ton of different options on Amazon!

STEP 1: Decide which colors you want to use, and cut several strips about 3 inches long of each color.
 STEP 2: Give your toddler some extra strips and rolls of tape, and assign him a corner next to you 🙂STEP 3: Start in one corner (I chose the upper right) and begin placing the strips diagonally in a column top to bottom down the wall, alternating which direction each strip is angled. I used a rainbow of colors, so I tried to follow the order of the rainbow to keep the colors evenly dispersed. As we put up each strip of tape, James and I talked about each of the colors, which he LOVED. He still goes up to the wall and likes pointing out the different colors and naming them!STEP 4: Once you have one column complete, begin another column next to it. I played around a bit with spacing and angles, which did take a bit of trial and error to figure out what looked best. Luckily washi tape comes up really easily, so I would do a column, step back, and pull up certain strips here and there to get the pattern to a place I liked it.

THAT’S IT! Super easy right?! And I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on it. Have fun!!!

Photo Credits: All photos by the amazing Kristen from K DOT PHOTOGRAPHY!